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All photos copyright of Ashley Maxwell Photography 2012


I am an obsessive coffee lover, button, brooch and frilly dress collector..and feel that no outfit is complete without an over the top anthro-ish headband:) I'm an antique market junkie, and have a passion for making
cards and accessories out of other peoples junk:)
and above all.... I heart Jesus!!

Jason and I have been married for almost 10 years now..and have 2 adorable & insanely comedic kids named Kyla (7) and Hayden (4)..that make life colorful.. to say the least:)


Jason is our resident design guru and our stay at home Martha Stewart:) when he is not doing stand up paddling or fishing on the river, he is usually repainting our living room, cooking dinner, and making new curtains..simultaneously:) I seriously SCORED with marrying this one!!

Jason and I are so blessed to have eachother, and to have a job that allows us to find "togetherness" in all that we do. Photography has been somewhat of a window for us...into these amazing peoples lives. We love every essence of LOVE.. what it does to people, who it makes you want to be...and ultimately who you become as a result of it. We truly are honored to be a tiny slice in the lives of our clients..and to feel like family at the end of it all. We hope to continue to bless others with what we create, as the Lord continues to bless us in our lives.... Whoever you are, where ever you are..whatever your story, we are so thankful you took a few minutes to stop by:)

It is safe to say that us Maxwells are crafty and loving souls...