Megan & Kyle {Are Engaged}..

“She knew he would change her life, but she could never know how he’d become her life”..

For those who know us closely….you know that our work life is predominately travel oriented. We are almost always living in and out of suitcases, dropping the kids off at grandmas on our way out of town, racking up mileage on our cars for tax time..and constantly balancing family/work life between two places. We moved to Sacramento almost 4 years ago..knowing full well that most of our client base was a few hours away in the Bay Area….but we really felt our family being called to a life in Sacramento. While it is at times ab-so-lutely insaaaaaane how much time we spend in the car traveling for weddings and photoshoots, I wouldn’t trade it for anything, because Sacramento has become more of a home than any place I have ever been.  We don’t really you can see how incredibly overjoyed I get, when somehow a darling couple finds me….and they live a few streets away from me. “Wait….it will only take me 10 minutes to drive to your engagement session??? Whhaaaaaat? ” Sign.Me.Up.

Megan and Kyle already had a photographer lined up for their wedding, but I loved having the opportunity to shoot their engagements. I always say engagements are my favorite..because your relationship lies in the “everydayness” of each other..and that is what we try to encompass for these sessions. We shot mostly in Old Town, which is equal parts awesome/touristy/quirky..but lends well to the things I gravitate towards for photos:) These two are seriously out of this world incredible to photograph. Kyle was perhaps the most comfortable person in front of the camera that I have ever met, he kinda just posed himself all afternoon:)…and Megan…well, I had to keep holding my tongue and NOT call her Avril, because certain angles she totally reminded me of Avril Such a beauty. Thanks for a super easy breezy session you two…. wishing you the best of EVER AFTERS. XO

Ashleigh & Nicks Wedding..

“Love like there is no tomorrow..and if tomorrow comes, love again.” -Max Lucado

Ashleigh & Nicks wedding was our first wedding earlier this year, and I could not have picked a better wedding to start our season. I have been so blessed to know Ashleighs family most of my life, as I grew up in the same church as them..and spent most of my younger years in life intertwined with so many of the same circle of friends. If I could say anything about Ash, its that she is incredibly graceful by nature. There is something so whimsical about how she carries herself, every word she speaks, is spoken out of love…and there is such a gentle beauty about her, that is woven through every aspect of her personality. She is woman of astounding character..and Nick it truly an amazing counterpart by her side. While I have only know Nick through the short process of engagements and actual wedding day…I could tell right away when I met him, that he was the real deal. Refined, attentive, witty, and may I say, suuuuuper stylish:) I loved sidestepping through peoples conversations at the wedding, getting to hear little tidbits of stories they shared about him. Mostly doting on the fact that he is demonstrative in his love for Ashleigh..he’s quite the gentleman…and above all, he is just genuinely kind. This wedding was filled with so many familiar faces for me…dear friends…people who helped raise me when I was little, running up and down the pews at church. What an honor to have front row seats to watch these two start their lives together. Ash & Nick…thank you thank you thank  for  choosing us to play this part in your day. XO

Venue: Decathlon Club, Santa Clara Ca. /Hair: Danielle Ashlee /Video: Anchored in Hope Productions.. Watch their video {HERE}


Mary & Marks Wedding {Mountain Winery}..

Samantha & Tim {Engaged}!!

“I love you much {most beautiful darling} more than anyone on the the earth, and I like you better than everything in the sky”. -E.E Cummings

Samantha and Tim met in the third grade….I think there is something so magical about that, to have that type of history with someone. Although they did not get together until they were adults, Tim chose to take Samantha back to their elementary school when he was ready propose to her. He said, “We’re going for a walk.” Strolling to the middle of the school yard Tim proclaimed, “I didn’t know how much I loved you then and how I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you, but I do now…” And got down on one knee…

Ummmm…how cute is that? Samantha & Tim are one of my favorite couples we get to work with this year….their love is truly more flattering on them than words could ever express. It just radiates…..XO

Samantha - April 23, 2014 - 9:42 pm

Ashley. I am speechless. Thank you for capturing such precious moments. We will cherish each and every one of these forever. We love you!

Print Features!

In our digital age, as photographers, we get get used to seeing our work solely on “screens”…our desktops, iPads, phones…..even when we do get our work printed for our clients..we usually only get to hold them for a few short moments until they are packaged and shipped off.  You can see why the tangible glossy pages of a magazine are oh-so wonderful! I am very familiar with seeing all of MY favorite photographers photographs grace the covers and inside spreads of bridal magazines..but is a very rare occasion that I get to see some our our pictures up in the mix:) Sooo.. when we do, its an incredible feeling. One of our favorite bridal mags is TODAYS BRIDE…we were so lucky to have a feature last year, and this year, we were blessed to have two in the same issue!! Both features for Todays Bride were actually shot entirely by my hubby I wanted to brag on him a for a hot second:) The first shoot was a “French Ambiance” set up for a bridal show, that our dear friends from Asiel Design had created. They did the flowers for our wedding almost 11 years ago, and we have been referring them ever since to all our brides. Their flowers and event design skills are seriously out of this world and we always feel so blessed to be able to work along side them:)!!The Second feature in Todays Bride was Cyndi and Alex’s wedding from last summer that he shot at Leaning Tree Lodge in Placerville, Ca. You may remember their wedding we posted on our blog a few months can see it {HERE}..

Lastly, we had one of our styled shoots from last year published in a Sacramento bridal mag called Our Wedding. This was a shoot I did with my friend Kim from Alpha Lee Events. {Love you Kim!!!} We shot it at River Highlands Ranch..and were fortunate enough to work with some incredible ladies who helped make all the little details come together:) This was the first time I had to make a bow tie, from scratch…. from left over table linens….moments before we started taking pictures….and proves why it is absolutely imperative that I  carry a hot glue gun with me wherever I go!:)

Susana Paz - May 1, 2014 - 7:22 am

I absolutely love your photos