Monthly Archives: May 2009

Sweet Elise..

I am convinced that meeting Elise was not by chance..yet simply meant to be. We met a few weeks ago at a beach house in Santa Cruz..both invited by our dear friend Joey…. I clicked with her right away. Between the boardgames, mutual friends and an obvious love for God, coffee and fashion, I knew […]

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A few more faves..

Its oh-so-late…I should be sleeping, but I’m so excited to finish editing these for Amber, I stumbled upon a few more that just made me melt:)

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Mommy and Me with Amber and Nicole..

I have known Amber all my life..we have what is commonly known as “history”. We¬† shared many family vacations, a deep love for Titanic, a million inside jokes, friends and even brothers:), and now we share “Mommy Hood”. Nicole and David just happened to make the sweetest, plumpest, most squeezable baby in the world. The […]

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