Allison & Craigs Wedding {Mountain Winery}..

I could write a novel about Allison and Craig. One part love story, the other,  a “How to” on enjoying your wedding day. From the second Allison climbed out of the limo that afternoon..a smile did not leave her face, nor did she stop squealing with joy. Weddings have  moments of unexpected blunders and nervous angst..that sometimes overshadow the excitement of that day..and it is so easy to lose sight of why you are actually there. To marry your man!!! There was a moment when Allison stepped out of the building right before driving down the hill to see Craig for the first time, (we had literally been outside for less than 30 seconds) and she stumbled over  a mysterious pothole of tar on the cement. Black tar. Black tar+white dress=potential for meltdown and NON happy tears. I had a panic moment holding her dress before she saw the few black spots on the bottom layer of material..where I reasoned that even though it would be unnoticeable in pictures, this could be the moment where it all goes downhill. As I calmly showed my darling Allison the few spots, she said..”Ehhh…thats ok…the dress is gonna get dirty..lets go see Craig!” As she climbed in the car, I looked at one of the videographers Rob, as we dabbed the tar (with a sock) and I think we were both a little surprised at how well she handled it. I knew after that, nothing was going to stand in her way of enjoying her day. It was about marrying Craig..and nothing else mattered. Their love was sweet, and I found myself totally squealing during the romantics…there is no better feeling than being totally “into it” when you are shooting..and falling in love with every frame as it is snapped. Craig and both come from such wonderful families that have clearly taught you how to love and welcome people into your lives..because we all feel it when we are around you..We are soo excited to see the video from the amazing Jesse Tarnoff , so we can relive each moment with you!! LOVE YOU GUYS!Flowers: Bloomsters

Videography: Sandbox Love

DJ: Los Gatos DJ

Cake/Cupcakes: Jens Cakes


Erin Michelle - July 7, 2010 - 12:31 am

How beautiful! Last shot=AMAZING!

Ashley - July 7, 2010 - 1:32 am

Erin..thank you soo much for always being a voice of encouragement for me..LOVE YOU GIRL!!

Rene - July 7, 2010 - 1:45 am

Craig and Allison rock!

Julia - July 7, 2010 - 12:12 pm

Okay you just get better and better!!! 🙂 i was sooo excited when i woke uop and saw a new blog post you know that makes my heart sing 😉 and I looove the brides shoes! <3 🙂

Allison Peters - July 7, 2010 - 11:49 pm

Ashley!!! I posted the link from the blog on my facebook and people are going crazy. You guys are absolutely amazing and I think if we thanked you 100 million times it still wouldn’t be enough!! You are the best at what you both do!

peg kline - July 8, 2010 - 12:27 am

AMAZING!!!! The pictures were all so romantic. They told a story and captured each moment so beautifully! I had a lot of favorites but gotta love that little flower girl angel!! I wish you a beautiful life full to the top with joy and unforgettable moments!

peg “the gma”

delbarr - July 8, 2010 - 8:11 pm

beautiful Ashley!! I love them all…especially the shot of her shoes against that wallpaper!

Krystal - July 16, 2010 - 12:45 am

Ashley- I LOVE your work! I am getting married September of 2011. I love the bride’s dress and shoes….could you please ask her the designer and color of both and email it to me? And please send me your pricing…I am booking you! 😉

Jesse Tarnoff - July 29, 2010 - 2:27 am

Ashley, these are absolutely gorgeous pictures of Allison and Craig. I think your style is such an amazingly fresh approach to wedding photography. It’s always a pleasure to shoot along side you and see how you see the world.

[…] had the fortune of shooting again with Ashley Maxwell who created some beautiful photos for Allison and Craig.  We also got to hang out with Cassie and Dan from the Los Gatos DJ Company […]

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