Ashleigh & Nicks Wedding..

“Love like there is no tomorrow..and if tomorrow comes, love again.” -Max Lucado

Ashleigh & Nicks wedding was our first wedding earlier this year, and I could not have picked a better wedding to start our season. I have been so blessed to know Ashleighs family most of my life, as I grew up in the same church as them..and spent most of my younger years in life intertwined with so many of the same circle of friends. If I could say anything about Ash, its that she is incredibly graceful by nature. There is something so whimsical about how she carries herself, every word she speaks, is spoken out of love…and there is such a gentle beauty about her, that is woven through every aspect of her personality. She is woman of astounding character..and Nick it truly an amazing counterpart by her side. While I have only know Nick through the short process of engagements and actual wedding day…I could tell right away when I met him, that he was the real deal. Refined, attentive, witty, and may I say, suuuuuper stylish:) I loved sidestepping through peoples conversations at the wedding, getting to hear little tidbits of stories they shared about him. Mostly doting on the fact that he is demonstrative in his love for Ashleigh..he’s quite the gentleman…and above all, he is just genuinely kind. This wedding was filled with so many familiar faces for me…dear friends…people who helped raise me when I was little, running up and down the pews at church. What an honor to have front row seats to watch these two start their lives together. Ash & Nick…thank you thank you thank  for  choosing us to play this part in your day. XO

Venue: Decathlon Club, Santa Clara Ca. /Hair: Danielle Ashlee /Video: Anchored in Hope Productions.. Watch their video {HERE}


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Sara May Photography - September 20, 2014 - 8:53 am

What a lovely session… 🙂 The love is bursting out in each frame!

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