Cyndi & Alex’s Wedding…

Cyndi and Alex were married at perhaps the most darling venue ever, a little place in Placerville, Ca. called Leaning Tree Lodge. Truly, your own little slice of paradise:) This was a wedding my hubby Jason shot, but I had the pleasure of meeting Cyndi and Alex over coffee in the very beginning, and I just remember looking at them sit next to eachother in that noisy coffee shop …they shared smitten grins as they glanced back and forth at eachother while they told us the story of their engagement…it was completely evident…their love was as real and tangible as the table we were sitting at:) I thought it would be fun to share some snippets about these two…as told by some people in their wedding party..because after all, they know them best:)

“Cyndi and Alex are what I consider to be the perfect couple, and my absolute favorite couple ever (sorry Chandler and Monica!). Of course no one is 100% perfect… but when I think about what I want my future relationship to be like, I think of them. They are the true definition of soulmates. Cyn and Al complete each other in every way, finish each others sentences, have the same sense of humor, and talk exactly alike. If it wasn’t so disgustingly adorable, it would be creepy how amazing they are for one another. They are a couple that you, a third party, can hangout with and never feel left out, yet at the same time you can still plainly see their love and committment for each other. If there were ever two people created by God himself to be together, it’s these two. I can only hope to end up in as loving and well matched of a relationship as my two favorite people”

-Gabby Brigance (Bridesmaid)

 “Cyn and Al met working at Abercrombie and Fitch many years ago… such an unlikely place to meet your soulmate, but I’ve always heard that you find love in the most unlikely places, and that’s exactly what they did. A&F was such an unfortunate place to work with the loud music, pungent smells, and obnoxious people. That’s what I will take away from working there, and yet these two will forever remember it as the place they met their husband and wife. I still remember Al first telling me about Cyn, as I’ve known Alex longer, and that huge grin on his face. I always thought Al was the nicest guy there, so if he must approve of a nice young lady then she must be pretty wonderful. He definitely made a good judgement call on that one”    -Gabby Brigance (Bridesmaid)“Alex may seem a little quiet at first, until you get to know him. When you get Alex in his comfort zone, his personality shines through and he has such a special and genuine heart. Alex is a very honest and upstanding man of God. He always does what he believes is right and is true to his word. When Alex and Cyndi are together you can see their love for each other. They have the goofiest sense of humor and match each other perfectly. I am so thankful to know both Cyndi and Alex and have the example for true love and what it means to love unconditionally.” -Hannah Dale (Bridesmaid)“Cyndi is quiet possibly possibly the nicest person I have ever met. She is consistently there for  whatever her friends or family need without fail. I can’t remember even once calling upon Cyndi to talk about something and her not being there for me. She is an intelligent, beautiful young woman who will certainly go very far in life. I am extremely blessed to have this amazing and encouraging person in my life. Cyndi is so good to Alex, constantly concerned about his happiness and what she can do for him. He’s a truly lucky man” -Gabby Brigance (Bridesmaid)Venue: Leaning Tree Lodge / Planner: Bre from Joyful Wedding & Events / Rentals, lighting: Forever Vintage Rentals / Florals: Olivia Nelson / Videographer: Fruitful Films / Hair-Makeup: Jill from Beauty Box Makeup / Coffee Cart: A Whole Latte Love / Cake: Freda Denton / Desserts: Sugar Lille Bakery / Caterer: Simple Pleasures Catering

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Robert Jensen - October 8, 2013 - 9:59 pm

Very well done; just lovely.

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