Eric+Em’s Engagement Adventure..


Meet Emily: Gentle, considerate, gracious, detailed, dreamer, academic, spunky….hands down the most authentic and sincere¬† friend you could ever have.

Meet Eric: Inventive, passionate, adventurous, animated, loyal, lumberjack…the creative soul that you know will do great things in this life.

Emily and Eric met a few years ago while working at Hume Lake. It is a true love story that only gets better and better with passing time. I’ll never forget the first time Emily brought Eric over to our house last year… I opened the door, saw him next to her with his flannel shirt, beard, Starbucks in hand, and a big grin…I told Em the next morning. “You are going to marry that boy”. It is a giddy connection and playfulness that he brings out in Em..and I had never seen her “sparkle” like that before. I am soo honored to be a bridesmaid in their upcoming wedding…I knew I wouldn’t be photographing the day, so I begged for her to let us take them out for the day and be guinea pigs for some new locations we wanted to try out that we had passed in the wine country. So we loaded up our car with every article of clothing they owned and spent the whole day with no mapped out plan of where to shoot, we just explored, and enjoyed their company ALLL day. After hours of dirt, sweat, and a little trespassing, we ended the day with rock climbing in San Francisco, and freakin amazing thai food at 10pm. I am soo in love with the dancing and childlike spirit that comes out when these two get behind the camera. Eric is a photographer also, so he just fell right into every pose seamlessly…and Em….knockout right???¬† You guys are amazing, and we are so blessed to have you as friends…thank you for letting us be part of your journey..we love you guys!!!



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