Kristen & Virgils Wedding {In Ireland!!}..

One of the mannnnnnnny perks of this job…besides the 2 most obvious..1.) Getting to spend an abundance of work days in my pajamas &…2.) Meeting darling couples from all of the earth….is…THE TRAVELING. I’ve mentioned before, that Jason and I got married young…and had babies rather quickly after…so our “travel bug” was somewhat squashed until recent years, now that it is a bit easier to hand off the kiddos for a lengthy amount of time if need be..or take them with, of course:) We have been so blessed these last few years to visit so many beautiful new places, that we might never have ventured to, if it were not for weddings. This summer we took a pretty incredible trip to Ireland for Kristen and Virg’s wedding. It was a totally surreal them over the phone, and not meeting them until the day before their the pouring rain….at a castle…in Ireland:) Their wedding was simple and beautifully quaint…with a total of only 13 people in attendance, including them:) The Markree Castle, in its 14th century splendor, was completely picturesque and made me feel like I was living between the pages of a Thomas Hardy novel or something. All I could do was just thank Kristen again and again for choosing us to be there with them:) We were pinching ourselves that this is considered “work” for us:) A huge thank you to our amazing past clients Frankie and Melissa Mata for referring this sweet couple to us!!! Without you, this would have never happened! K+V.. Thank you for giving us this once in a lifetime opportunity to live out our travel dreams and be amongst the few to be beside you on this day:) XOXO!!

We ended up going to London before our time in Ireland, and then visited a few places in Italy after the wedding as well:) We are super lame and only took a few pictures on our 11 day trip {horrible habit of ours..we like to just SEE and BE when we are traveling…and seem to forget to bust out the camera..weird right?} But here are just a few pics from our trip…

We were in London while they were setting up for the these little mascots were all over town…we bought a stuffed animal of this unusual character for our son Hayden (4)..and he started just calling him his “gymnastics guy” since he thinks the olympics is ONLY gymnastics since thats all he really watched with Kyla:)

I have been to London once before in high school, and it will always and forever be my favorite city. I am by no means a “city girl” and could never imagine living in any big city…except London. I heart London. Every single day there started with a toffee laced latte from the corner cafe, and no particular plan for the day….other than to walk…and explore. Jason is the perfect companion for London..he can equally appreciate the beauty of cobble stone streets, good food..and girly boutiques:) Next time we go to London we want to take our kids with us..I missed them the whole trip..but especially in London..Kyla has had a fascination with “Big Ben” for a while now..and Hayden doesnt believe us that there are such thing as double decker buses:) They love to travel as well..even if that is just within California..or going to Hawaii:) We are so excited they have finally reached the ages where they are curious about seeing the world….other countries, see what other kids their ages do in other places:) Kyla has been begging us to take her to Brazil ever since she was little…I think its so cute:) Something to hope and plan for in the future perhaps:)

Our ONE picture of the two of us from the whole trip that was not blurry. I try to explain auto focus as much as I can to complete strangers..but it never seems to pan out for us:)haha..

Need I really say anything about Venice?? It is insanely gorgeous. We were joking that we could get rich off of making a calendar called “Doors of Venice”..since every.single.door. in this place, even in the ghetto alleyways..was incredible:) I wanted to take pictures of them all…but lets be was crazzzzzyy hot the day..and we got lost as we were exploring, and couldnt find our way back to where we started when we were ready to leave….luckily “getting lost” was a re-occurring theme of our whole trip, and since Jason is our resident Dora the Explorer..he always…always…eventually….finds his way:)



Courtney Domich - November 4, 2012 - 1:51 am

What a stunning place to get married! wowzas! And how smart they were to hire you guys 🙂 . Love reading your blogs your such a fantastic writer. Love the pics of you guys also, looks amazing. Thanks for giving me the itch to go to europe again lol. XOXO

kela - November 5, 2012 - 8:04 am

That’s my dream wedding right there 🙂 Beautiful pics!

Courtney Nolet - November 5, 2012 - 7:56 pm

Beautiful photos!! Not to mention, you and Jason are just ADORABLE beyond words. Love, love, love!!

BreAnne - November 6, 2012 - 2:23 am

umm your Venice outfit….LOVE =) such a fun post!!

Paddy O'Toole - December 4, 2012 - 6:55 am

Wonderful place to have the wedding ceremony. I must say that the pictures are too good. Shows your experience in the photography field. I found one more site which impressed me by the pictures they have captured. Photographers in Cork too have great experience in capturing the precious moments of your life.

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