Kristin & Sebastians Wedding..

I had the amazing pleasure of meeting Kristin last year..when Jason and I owned a little bridal and accessories store….I saw her mom Sheri on a daily basis.. {She worked for the owner of our building}..She would always come in and buy my necklaces and accessories for one of her daughters Ashley……I never had met her other daughter whom she spoke so highly of….until her oldest, Kristin, got engaged to a rather lovable man named Sebastian. ¬†Sheri quickly brought in talk all things wedding..and it was an inevitable match. I just loved Kristin the second she sat on my little brown victorian loveseat. She was eloquent, organized, and just exuded tranquility…if that makes sense.:)You just feel so calm when you are around her:)In a world that is crazy, fast paced…and never stops for nothin…you need more people like Kristin to share life with. I got to meet Sebastian at their Napa engagement session…and I think I just loved how we was so gentle with Kristin. He puts her before himself..and just cherishes her every move. Jason and I loved every second of their Hollister Wedding…I dont think Leal Vineyards have ever looked better with these two prancing around:) Kristin and Sebastian, thank you for your playful and loving spirit with another…and allowing us the freedom to get beautiful pictures and share the day with you and your families!! XOXO

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