MacKenzie & Travis are Engaged! {Old Sugar Mill}..

You know that feeling when someone makes you blush? When you have that momentary sparkle, for a fleeting instance? The smile you try so hard to contain, but you are completely powerless over it? I have always wished I could bottle that feeling up. I realized when I shot MacKenzie and Travis’s session….it was built on so many tiny moments like this. There was something about the two of them…seeing them together..seeing how they looked at each other. It was the same sparkle. I kept flipping through the camera during quick breaks to make sure the camera was catching what I was seeing and feeling..and I’m so elated it was. This session was so timely for me…..I had been in a season of feeling a bit lackluster about so many things in life…especially where I was as a photographer, in a sea of a trillion brilliant ones. Sometimes you feel so small, and its easy to feel like nothing you do will truly have lasting impact, or will be something worth remembering. I was reminded in this session, that what we do for our couples in the short time we get to spend with them, the tiny moments of their love that we get to capsulate in a few hundred frames…..its priceless, really. And yes, while those snippets we share on social media, or have featured in magazines, or eloquently collage into blog posts, might eventually be forgotten by everyone else…they will never be forgotten by our clients. That is all that really matters in the end isn’t it? Its a simple truth, but its so easy to forget. MacKenzie and Travis completely revived me, and made my little heart pitter patter with excitement for this job of mine. So grateful for the amazing people like them who get placed in our lives. XO.

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Heather @ Glitter and Gloss - August 7, 2015 - 11:09 pm

What a gorgeous couple, and I love her skirt!

It was great meeting you at Priscilla’s event!!


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