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Midsummer Wanderlust With BHLDN..

First of all, let me start off by saying HELLO!!! Its been six months since my last blog post…how does that even happen? I used to blog 2-3 times a week!!!! Life has been so nutso friends..having another baby last year, buying a new house, home renovations, shooting a zillion weddings and sessions, and being […]

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Neon Wedding Inspiration…

As a photographer….sometimes you just have to “shoot for your yourself”…meaning…. photograph something because it makes you happy, and not because you are getting paid to do it:) Sometimes I lay in bed at night and try to battle my insomnia with thinking of pretty things I would like to photograph someday. Sometimes I think […]

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Monica & Ryans Wedding…

I fell in love with Monica & Ryan the very moment I met them at their engagement session…I love watching them be in eachothers presence…their love is so organic and simple. They have truly mastered what I often refer to as “The Nuzzle”..which in my book, is like the Heisman trophy of cuddling:) Their wedding […]

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