Tori & Justin {Engaged}!!

What a better day than VALENTINES…to share this uber sweet engagement shoot! This session was very near and dear to me for many reasons:) I have known Justins family since I was little. They were like that second family that always welcomed me as another daughter:) Yes-they even still call me “D.I.L.A”-daugher in law Ashley..I love it!:) Our families grew up in church together, so most of my jr. high and high school memories took place at their house…small groups…..hanging out with his older sister Amber, (while we planned our joint weddings to Leonardo DiCaprio)………coloring our faces and arms in highlighter marker and dancing around his brothers black light room to ska music… name it, we did it:) We spent many summers going on family cruises and adventures together……I vividly remember when Justin was just a wee little boy….sitting at the table one night on our family cruise to Ensanada/Catalina…..and somehow all of us older kids convinced him to eat escargot…he had no idea they were snails..and we just sat there and laughed at how preciously gullible he was. Fast forward all these years later…he is oh-so grown up…and quite the gentleman:) I just wanted to hug him the whole session because I see so much of his whole family in him. In his laugh, in his smile… Tori seriously scored with marrying into an amazing family:)

There was so much hype leading up to this day, and getting to meet Tori. I was seriously….SOO excited..and kind of nervous..haha. She has been following our blog for years…and even reached out to me when she was still in high school and getting into photography herself. She said that one day she wanted me to photograph her wedding:) There is truly no greater compliment than that..when someone tells you that before they are even anywhere near planning a wedding:) So getting to be part of all of this, 3 years later…is just as much a dream for me as it is for her:) Tori and Justin went to the same church and high school…but their paths didn’t cross until a few years ago when they were both helping Justins brother move into a new apartment:) She must have had him at hello, because he sent her a friend request on FB that very night..and before they knew it…a few messages later..their little love story together had begun. They are getting married this summer in Tori’s backyard. Their ceremony with be taking place in the same place that Justin told her he loved her for the first time and where he asked her to marry him.  I know, I know. Darling. XO

Tori and Justin LOVE we spent the first part of the session doing just that..and yes, I even ate some of their pizza {score}. Loved every minute of my time with them..and I’m SO glad I could share this on Valentines day! To everyone out there, whoever you are..I hope today has been more than just hearts and flowers, but that you felt loved and adored by whoever it is that you share  your life with…..spouse, friends, kids, boyfriend,  girlfriend, your cats… or yes…even Ben and Jerry’s. XO

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P&W Photography - February 23, 2014 - 3:28 pm

These are incredible, Ashley. You’ve not only been blessed with an amazing eye and talent, but with beautiful clients as well. Each one of them look as though they have been modeling for years. Keep up the great work, and cannot wait to see more! God bless!

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